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Rules and Guidelines

Mediation Rules and Guidelines

Mediation is the intervention of a third party with the goal of reaching an agreement or reconciliation between disputing parties. A mediator is a neutral intercessor who guides the deliberation of disputing parties that results in solutions that may or may not be accepted by the contending parties.

A mediator cannot prepare legal documents or give legal advice and can or may refuse to attend a deposition, appear in court or provide statements or documents to any court, Guardian AD Litem or attorney. Mediation will only be scheduled at the company office and will not be held in a parties attorney's office. Mediators are protected under the RCW laws in the state of Washington for mediation.

Parties attending mediation must attend with an open mind and willingness to listen to all proposals so the environment can be peacefully maintained. Children may not attend mediation nor be present while mediation is taking place. Both parties need to bring all legal documents as well as any other supporting documents that can clarify their position. Any information that is given to the mediator, shall and will be shared with both parties.

Cancelling a scheduled mediation without 24 hour notice requires full payment for the scheduled mediation. Both parties will be met prior to mediation for an intake interview, per party is a cost of $75.00. Mediation cost starts at the scheduled time whether a party is late or not.

Advocate Rules and Guidelines

As an advocate we offer to be a third party neutral spokesperson upon your behalf. We can help you prepare, work through, and understand any personal and non-personal issues. As a spokesperson, we can stand as a third party to communicate issues for you. We also can help with interceding on your behalf with a third party or another parent.

We can intercede to help you communicate through crisis such as the death of a loved one or grievance of a breakup with your partner. We have been very successful as a third party intercessor in situations such as separations, divorces, estate probates, as well as working with youth / teenagers to help them communicate their issues with either a parent, school, etc. We will not give legal advice nor will we provide counseling.

We will only make suggestions and offer our opinion. The final and sole decision will be left for you to fulfill. We do offer transportation under the hourly rate for issues we are helping you work through and can accompany you to appointments.

Supervised Visitations

Supervised visitation is offered 100 % for the child. Our duty is to protect the child from any verbal, physical or mental abuse. This includes not allowing either parent to discuss one another or their case in front of the child. Visitations can be held offsite as well as onsite.

Onsite visitations offer a full kitchen to where the parent is solely responsible for bringing and preparing the food as well as cleaning up after themselves. The onsite office is a home environment in which the children will be asked to respect the belongings in the environment.

The child will only be transported by the supervisor for offsite visits in the supervisors vehicle. The parent may accompany the child. The offsite visits shall be preapproved by the supervisor. Any cost during this visitation is 100 % the responsibility of the parent on the visit. If the cost exceeds more than $10, to the supervisor, the parent will be responsible to pay for the supervisors cost as well.

Children must be dropped off for visitations wearing the proper clothing for the weather at the time. Although we hold the option to notify the other parent in regards to an outside visit and where it may take place, it is not required. Supervised visitations are uninterrupted and will not be attended by the other parent. The parent that drops off the child must do so 10 minutes prior to the visit and shall pick up the child 10 minutes after the scheduled visitation time.

We have zero tolerance for any confrontations between the parents before, during or after the visitations. During visitations, we will offer suggestions and an opinion to the parent to help them with the needs of their child. These suggestions will often be done after the visitation is completed. A parent is given one subtle but stern warning regarding inappropriate conversations. We have zero tolerance for any physical or mental abuse towards the child. There will be an intake interview that both parents must schedule separately. Intake is $75.00 per parent. Parents must bring the parenting plan and any orders that pertain to the visitations. We do ask for all information in regards to both parties attorneys, but we do not allow either parties, attorneys or any other third party influence to be part of what we offer in our supervised visitations.

We will do two reports for visitations per year and will be submitted to attorneys as well as parties. We do not allow attorneys to prepare any of our reports or declarations nor do we allow outside input to be apart of this report. The reports are solely on what the supervisor has seen and dealt with in the supervised visitations. Our goal is to make this unfortunate experience for the parties that have to endure, to be as peaceful and accommodating as possible without unnecessary interference that can and will harm the child.

Supervised Drop Offs and Pick Ups Guidelines

Offsite drop off and pick ups need to be preapproved by the supervisor. We would prefer a neutral setting such as a store, library, etc. The party that is dropping off the child must drop the child off 10 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up. The party who is picking up the child must be there 10 minutes after the scheduled pick up. The supervisor is not responsible for any forgotten items that the parent or child may leave with the child or at the opposite parents dwelling. The supervisor will not participate in a conversation regarding forgotten or misplaced items in front of the child.

Offsite and Onsite Rules:

If the parties need to have a third party intervention to help with communication between the two parties, they will have to seek our services as an advocate. If the parties need to work within a modification or change their parenting, we can also offer mediation to help deliberate. If for any reason either party is going to be more than 10 minutes for the drop off or the pick up , If not notified after 20 minutes, the supervisor will contact the parent who left the visitation to come back and retrieve the child there need to notify the supervisor immediately.

Please contact me regarding services and costs. I hope it would be a comfort for you to know that my service and the service of my company will only do as we feel is best within your case