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Beverly Wayne
Mediation Specialist
Supervised Visitation Specialist
Life Coach
Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Clay Jorgenson

I worked under Dr. Clay Jorgenson from 1985-2000, assisting with the intake work in the Spokane county Jail focusing on people convicted of sex offenses. In addition, I was responsible for Dr. Jorgenson's G.A.L. intake work.

Dr. Jorgenson was my mentor for three years while we opened a practice together (Spokane Family Services) in 2000 to 2003.

I furthered my education online and in person with PESI and I also have done several workshops including a workshop as a Guardian Ad Litem in 2001.

I am a member of the play therapy organization and receive all of their ongoing educational classes and attend many workshops and classes in play therapy, Washington social work, risk management, end of life issues, marriage and family therapy and many of these classes I received a 4.0. I have also completed a full course to be licensed as a Washington State Mediator through The Pacific Family Mediation Institute.

I worked as a Mediator with WMC which is a GE owned company. I was license as a registered counselor until the program ended in 2010.

My passion is to help families as an advocate. To this end, I have chosen not to apply my credits to be licensed as a counselor.

I sat on the board for the Indian Child Welfare through the Division of Children and Family Services.

Continued education in this evolving field is important, and I have expanding my knowledge base throughout the past fourteen years.

I have been working in this field with the courts for approximately ten years . In my field I am very involved in my community and do a lot of volunteer and community work.

Although I have had extensive education, I have found that the practical, hands on work in my profession is a critical part of my education.


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