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Spokane Family Guidance Services
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Spokane Family Guidance Services

Licensed Mediation, & Supervised Visitation

Who are we?

Spokane Family Guidance Services is a professional, home environment dedicated to helping families work through their court mandates as pertains to supervised visitation of minors. 

We offer safe Supervised Visitations / Supervised Drop Offs and Pick Ups for minors. Visitations can be held offsite as well as onsite. We require all information in regards to both parties and the attorneys representing each party, but we do not allow either parties, their attorneys, or any other third party influence to be part of what we offer in our supervised visitations. We manufacture two reports for visitations per year which will be submitted to attorneys as well as the parties they represent. We do not allow attorneys to prepare any of our reports or declarations, nor do we allow outside input to be apart of this report. The reports are solely on what the supervisor has seen and dealt with in the supervised visitations. (Reports will require a fee)

Mediation , Advocate and Life Coach

Spokane Family Guidance Services also provides aid for families to mediate a positive mutual decision for their well being. We mediate, divorces, parenting plans, business and personal conflicts. Mediator's will not appear or testify within your court case.

Advocate: As an advocate we offer to be a third party neutral spokesperson upon your behalf. We can help you prepare, work through, and understand any personal and non-personal issues.
Life Coach: We can help you with all of your personal and non- personal conflicts .

Advocate for Guardian ad Litem

Let Spokane Family Guidance Services take the worry out of managing the daily routine of your minor child, disabled or elderly family member. We are experienced advocates with over a decade of experience, fulfilling our role with sensitivity, care, and an attention to detail. We work with the family to set goals and projections in place that would provide for the care of your minor child, disabled or elderly family member for the many years we are blessed with them.

Estate Management

Spokane Family Guidance Services is licensed to provide assistance, management, and services for liquidating an Estate. Our goal is to represent the Last Will and Testament to the fullest extent as regards to the Estate, and execute our duties with a sensitivity to all those involved.